Couples Counselling

Couples seek out counselling for a wide variety of reasons and at different stages of their relationship. Often, a couple will seek help to navigate life's daily struggles, including money matters, parenting, and spending enough time together. Sometimes, counselling is needed to also deal with more complex issues. Just a small sample of these issues can include:

  • Negotiating a satisfying sex life
  • Coming to an agreement about starting a family
  • Struggling through infidelity or cheating
  • Navigating family dynamics, such as living with in-laws, or for LGBTQ couples, coming out to extended family

While this is only a very small picture of why couples may seek my help, there are some common ways I work with couples. During our first session, I will work with both of you to get a better understanding of what brings you to counselling and your shared goals for this process. I will then meet individually with each of you to gather your personal perspectives and concerns. I will then work with both of you together to guide you and support you in expressing your underlying emotions and thoughts, build empathy and understanding for each other, and move towards a resolution to your issues. Along the way, we will use various exercises and techniques to help you navigate arguments and conflict, improve listening and understanding, and promote reconnection as a couple.

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